Parliament Motions

Ref Motion Yearsort ascending Topic
C02 NIPP calls on the new Community Safety and Policing Partnerships to have older people represented on them so that the views of pensioners are heard in the development of their action plans. 2011 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C03 NIPP calls on the new Community Safety and Policing Partnerships to make tackling fear of crime among older people a priority. 2011 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C04 NIPP calls for more support for intergenerational projects and for better recreational facilities for younger people, particularly in the evenings and weekends. 2011 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C05 NIPP calls on NI media organisations to report crimes against older people in a more balanced way taking into account the high levels of fear. 2011 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
HS01 NIPP calls for increased funding for preventative healthcare programmes to help maintain the quality of life and independence for older people living at home. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS02 NIPP calls for better support for older carers and in particular more respite care and the payment of carer’s allowance to pensioners. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS03 NIPP calls for better transport support for older people travelling to doctor and hospital appointments, particularly for those living in rural areas, and calls for the Senior Smartpass to be usable on all community transport services. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS04 NIPP calls for an increase in home help services for those older people who are in need of extra support. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS05 NIPP calls for action to reduce waiting times for older people waiting on operations. 2011 Health & Social Care
PB01 NIPP calls on the UK Government to abandon its plans to change the way pensions are uprated from RPI to CPI and supports the judicial review being launched by pensioner organisations on this matter. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
PB02 NIPP calls on the Labour party, as the official opposition, to commit themselves to the immediate reintroduction of RPI as the measure for uprating pensions if they are returned at the next election. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
PB03 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to call for the automatic payment of pension credit in Northern Ireland so that all pensioners get what they are entitled to and so many of the most vulnerable in society are able to have a decent quality of life. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
PB04 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to make tackling pensioner poverty a key priority in their new Programme for Government. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
PB05 NIPP calls for any new pensions proposals by the UK Government to be universal proposals that apply to all pensioners, not just future pensioners. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
PB06 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to take action to help those pensioners who find themselves just above benefit levels or whose modest savings leaves them missing out on any financial assistance. 2011 Pensions & Benefits
M01 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to bring forward legislation to end unfair discrimination where it adversely affects the opportunities, goods and services available to older people. 2011 Miscellaneous