Parliament Motions

Ref Motion Year Topicsort descending
MF05 NIPP calls for the Smartpass to be protected for everyone over the age of 60 regardless of income. 2015 Manifesto
MF06 NIPP calls for the retention of free prescriptions for everyone over the age of 60 regardless of income. 2015 Manifesto
MF07 NIPP calls for steps to be taken to ensure that domiciliary care packages are determined by clinical need and that realistic timetables are implemented. 2015 Manifesto
MF08 NIPP calls on operation waiting times for older people to be substantially reduced. 2015 Manifesto
MF09 NIPP calls for assurances that any changes to health and social care policies or practices fully consider any negative impact on older people and that measures are taken to ensure older people receive high quality healthcare. 2015 Manifesto
MF10 NIPP calls for Northern Ireland to be included in the next Warm Home Discount scheme or any replacement scheme that offers a discount on energy bills for pensioners on low incomes. 2015 Manifesto
MF11 NIPP calls for a ‘Whole House Solution’ plan to tackle fuel poverty which would include new developments and target fuel poor households on a phased basis. 2015 Manifesto
MF01 NIPP calls for an end to age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services. 2015 Manifesto
MF02 NIPP calls for tackling fear of crime among older people to be a priority for the next NI Assembly. 2015 Manifesto
MF03 NIPP calls for action to be taken to tackle the low conviction rates for crimes against older people. 2015 Manifesto
EU01 NIPP calls on the UK Government to continue collaboration with EU member states; so that both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU are able to access the care they need through European Health Insurance (EHIC) provisions. 2017 Brexit
EU02 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly and Irish Government to protect the Senior Smartpass, which allows people aged 65+ free cross border journeys on public transport. 2017 Brexit
EU03 NIPP demands that following Brexit all current and future pensioners who have accumulated pensionable services in EU countries will continue to have their pensions paid in full. 2017 Brexit
EU04 NIPP calls on the UK Government, through negotiation with the EU, to ensure State Pension annual increases for older UK citizens residing in EU member states are maintained and the right to access and transfer pension funds across the EU and the UK are guaranteed. 2017 Brexit
EU05 NIPP calls on the UK Government on withdrawing from the EU to ensure the protection of the rights of older people should be a priority; and that the UK government will seek to strengthen these rights through any negotiated settlement as various pieces of existing and future EU legislation have the potential to greatly improve the lives of older people. 2017 Brexit
EU06 NIPP calls on the UK Government to ensure that EU-wide efforts to promote positive attitudes towards older people and age friendly environments that benefit people of all ages continue after Brexit. 2017 Brexit