Parliament Motions

Ref Motionsort descending Year Topic
M04 NIPP supports the aims of the European Year 2012 of Active Ageing and solidarity between generations and believes that society can benefit from supporting and encouraging connections between older and younger people. 2012 Miscellaneous
PB19 NIPP supports the establishment of the Pensioners Parliament Westminster Group to ensure that political representatives at Westminster, both MPs and Peers, are kept up-to-date with the concerns of older people on issues that are influenced by the UK Government. 2014 Pensions & Benefits
M12 NIPP supports the establishment of the Pensioners Trust to support the work of the NIPP in future and to use money raised each year to tackle the issues emerging from the Pensioners Parliament. 2013 Miscellaneous
PB18 NIPP supports the ‘Hands Off’ campaign and calls for pensioners across the UK to unite behind it so that the views of older people are made clear to all the main political parties in advance of the General Election. 2014 Pensions & Benefits
M10 NIPP welcomes OFMdFM providing the opportunity for Members of the Pensioners Parliament (MPPs) to be asked their views on the initial draft Active Ageing Strategy and Age Sector Platform/NIPP commits to providing a full and detailed response to the strategy when it is launched later this year. 2013 Miscellaneous
C13 NIPP welcomes the announcement by the Justice Minister that a new ‘Fear of Crime’ project will be established in partnership with Age Sector Platform and the NI Pensioners Parliament and that the NIPP commits to supporting this project to help make older people feel safer in their homes and communities. 2013 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
M03 NIPP welcomes the commitment in the PfG to outlaw age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services and calls on the NI Executive to ensure this legislation is in place by as early as possible, but no later than the end of this Assembly term. 2012 Miscellaneous
E07 NIPP welcomes the development of a ‘pay-as-you-go’ oil scheme and hopes that this will help older people to manage the cost of heating their home and alleviate the hardship that many are currently facing. 2012 Energy / Fuel Poverty
C06 NIPP welcomes the inclusion of a commitment to tackle the fear of crime among older people and calls on the NI Executive to develop an action plan to significantly reduce this fear during the life of this Assembly. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
HS08 NIPP welcomes the main thrust of the Compton Report that accepts the home should be the hub of care for older people, with more services provided at home and in the community. 2012 Health & Social Care
PB16 NIPP welcomes the Minister of State for Pensions' invitation to representatives from the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament to join the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing and the Age Action Alliance. The Parliament will accept these invitations. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
F04 NIPP would like to formally thank the thousands of people who have signed the ’Silver Saver’ petition and also extend our appreciation for the support from District Councils, MPs, MLAs and Members of the European Parliament for the campaign for a pensioner discount day. 2013 Food
HS10 The NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure that any changes proposed to health and social care takes into account any negative impact on older people and takes measures to mitigate this impact to ensure that older people receive high quality healthcare. 2012 Health & Social Care
M08 The NIPP expresses concern over the slow pace of progress in relation to the introduction of age discrimination legislation and calls on OFMdFM to ensure this issue is progressed urgently so that older people can avail of the extra legal protection that the legislation will bring by 2015 at the latest. 2013 Miscellaneous
HS11 The NIPP is concerned with the proposed cuts to the budget of pharmacies across Northern Ireland and calls on the Health Minister to consider the potential impact of these cuts on older people and take measures to ensure that there is no reduction in the quality of service. 2012 Health & Social Care
PB11 This Pensioners Parliament calls on Government to make Cold Weather Payments to all pensioners, with an opt-out mechanism for pensioners who don’t wish to receive it. 2012 Pensions & Benefits