Parliament Motions

Ref Motion Yearsort ascending Topic
HS08 NIPP welcomes the main thrust of the Compton Report that accepts the home should be the hub of care for older people, with more services provided at home and in the community. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS09 NIPP supports in principle the proposals in the Compton Report for reforming and modernizing our Health and Social Care system. The NIPP agrees that with the statement that “we get the best from the resources available to us; to ensure that services are, where possible, brought closer to the patients home, and to ensure that patients are treated in the right place, at the right time, and by the right people”. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS10 The NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure that any changes proposed to health and social care takes into account any negative impact on older people and takes measures to mitigate this impact to ensure that older people receive high quality healthcare. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS11 The NIPP is concerned with the proposed cuts to the budget of pharmacies across Northern Ireland and calls on the Health Minister to consider the potential impact of these cuts on older people and take measures to ensure that there is no reduction in the quality of service. 2012 Health & Social Care
T01 NIPP calls on the Minister for Regional Development to give older people a concrete guarantee that the Senior Smartpass, which enables them to participate more fully in society, is safe and will continue to be available to all pensioners. 2012 Transport
T02 NIPP calls on the Minister for Regional Development to improve transport in rural areas to enable older people and others to make the necessary trips to doctors, hospitals and other essential appointments. 2012 Transport
T03 NIPP request the Minister for Regional Development to remove the confusion caused by the different names currently used to describe the location for train and bus services behind the Europa Hotel, by giving the location one name that would be easily identified by everyone. 2012 Transport
PB07 NIPP calls on Government to introduce a new State Pension that would ensure all pensioners have an adequate standard of living at a time when the current economic climate has caused a dramatic increase in the cost of living. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
PB08 NIPP calls on government to increase the Winter Fuel Payment to help pensioners struggling to cope with increasing energy costs. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
PB09 NIPP is concerned that at a time when many pensioners are struggling to make ends meet that the UK Government is reducing the tax allowance for current and future pensioners and it calls on the Government to reverse the changes to the tax allowances announced in the 2012 budget. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
PB10 NIPP is opposed to the Government’s policy change of linking pensions to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) instead of the Retail Price Index (RPI) as it believes this change will reduce the value of pensions significantly in future years. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
PB11 This Pensioners Parliament calls on Government to make Cold Weather Payments to all pensioners, with an opt-out mechanism for pensioners who don’t wish to receive it. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
E06 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to take steps to encourage energy suppliers in Northern Ireland to introduce the Warm Homes Discount Scheme that is available to pensioners throughout the rest of the UK. 2012 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E07 NIPP welcomes the development of a ‘pay-as-you-go’ oil scheme and hopes that this will help older people to manage the cost of heating their home and alleviate the hardship that many are currently facing. 2012 Energy / Fuel Poverty
PB12 NIPP recognizes the impact that high petrol/diesel prices is having on older people, particularly those in rural areas who are not able to access public transport, and calls on the UK Government to reduce the amount of tax on fuel to help many sections of the population struggling with these bills. 2012 Pensions & Benefits
E05 In recognising the increasing levels of fuel poverty in NI, the NIPP calls on the NI Executive to develop and implement an action plan to eradicate fuel poverty. 2012 Energy / Fuel Poverty
C06 NIPP welcomes the inclusion of a commitment to tackle the fear of crime among older people and calls on the NI Executive to develop an action plan to significantly reduce this fear during the life of this Assembly. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
M02 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to develop a comprehensive, well resourced and challenging Age Strategy with specific targets and timescales to improve the lives of older people. 2012 Miscellaneous
M03 NIPP welcomes the commitment in the PfG to outlaw age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services and calls on the NI Executive to ensure this legislation is in place by as early as possible, but no later than the end of this Assembly term. 2012 Miscellaneous
M04 NIPP supports the aims of the European Year 2012 of Active Ageing and solidarity between generations and believes that society can benefit from supporting and encouraging connections between older and younger people. 2012 Miscellaneous
M05 NIPP calls on the Commissioner for Older People to create an effective system that would ensure ongoing contact with older people and their organisations. 2012 Miscellaneous
M06 NIPP calls on the Office of the First and deputy First Minister (OFMdFM) to provide the necessary resources to ensure the office of the Commissioner for Older People has the capacity to fulfil its responsibilities. 2012 Miscellaneous
E01 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to bring forward plans to introduce social tariffs into the local energy market so that older people here have the same help in coping with energy prices as the rest of the UK. 2011 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E02 NIPP calls for a Northern Ireland wide oil stamp scheme to be developed to assist pensioners to save for the purchase of home heating oil. 2011 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E03 NIPP calls on the UK Government to reverse its decision to cut the Winter Fuel Payment this year and to look at ways of linking future payments to energy prices. 2011 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E04 NIPP calls for the oil industry in Northern Ireland to be regulated to help ensure that oil customers get value for money. 2011 Energy / Fuel Poverty
F01 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce more individual price offers on products to help people living on their own. 2011 Food
F02 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce more smaller sized portions on essential items at a fair price. 2011 Food
F03 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce a pensioner discount day or schemes to help their older shoppers cope with the rising cost of living and enable them to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. 2011 Food
C01 NIPP calls for more visible policing on the ground to help address the fear of crime among older people. 2011 Community Safety / Fear of Crime