Parliament Motions

Ref Motion Yearsort ascending Topic
HS15 NIPP calls for a full Equality Impact Assessment to be carried out on the Transforming Your Care proposals as a matter of urgency to establish the full impact of them on older people. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS16 NIPP calls for statutory bodies to continue to play a meaningful role in the provision of domiciliary care to ensure that the quality of care is of a high standard and meets the individual needs of each recipient. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS17 NIPP calls for all frontline staff engaged in domiciliary care to be fully trained with the level of training subject to inspection by the appropriate professional body to ensure older people receive good quality care. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS18 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to recognise the massive contribution of unpaid carers by providing additional support services and also to establish regular audits of this support to identify how it can be continuously improved. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS19 NIPP expresses concern about the projected annual shortfall of £500m in funding by 2015 and the impact this may have on older people. NIPP calls on the Health Minister to assure older people that the necessary funding to support older people’s health and social care needs will be provided. 2013 Health & Social Care
F04 NIPP would like to formally thank the thousands of people who have signed the ’Silver Saver’ petition and also extend our appreciation for the support from District Councils, MPs, MLAs and Members of the European Parliament for the campaign for a pensioner discount day. 2013 Food
F05 NIPP calls on major supermarkets to enter into discussions with representatives of the Parliament on a range of issues relating to older shoppers including the call for a ‘Pensioner Discount Day’. 2013 Food
M11 NIPP calls for the Pensioners Parliament to receive the financial support needed to be maintained and developed further in the future so that the voices of older people are heard on key debates that affect their lives for many years to come. 2013 Miscellaneous
M12 NIPP supports the establishment of the Pensioners Trust to support the work of the NIPP in future and to use money raised each year to tackle the issues emerging from the Pensioners Parliament. 2013 Miscellaneous
PB13 NIPP rejects the Westminster Government’s intention to introduce a new flat rate pension in 2016, thus creating a two-tier pension system. NIPP calls for urgent action to ensure that all existing pensioners will be guaranteed this new amount by 2016, either through automatic payment of pension credit or some other means. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB14 NIPP calls on all political representatives in Northern Ireland (MEPs, MPs, MLAs and Councillors) to defend the right of all older people to their Smart Pass, Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV Licence and to oppose any plans to means test these benefits. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB15 NIPP calls on pensioners from throughout the UK to unite to oppose means testing of existing universal benefits for pensioners and to enter into dialogue with all the main political parties at Westminster to identify their policy positions in advance of the next General Election. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
M08 The NIPP expresses concern over the slow pace of progress in relation to the introduction of age discrimination legislation and calls on OFMdFM to ensure this issue is progressed urgently so that older people can avail of the extra legal protection that the legislation will bring by 2015 at the latest. 2013 Miscellaneous
M09 NIPP calls on OFMdFM Ministers to ensure that the new Active Ageing Strategy positively reflects the important contribution of older people to society and ensures that older people are involved throughout the implementation of the strategy. 2013 Miscellaneous
M10 NIPP welcomes OFMdFM providing the opportunity for Members of the Pensioners Parliament (MPPs) to be asked their views on the initial draft Active Ageing Strategy and Age Sector Platform/NIPP commits to providing a full and detailed response to the strategy when it is launched later this year. 2013 Miscellaneous
C13 NIPP welcomes the announcement by the Justice Minister that a new ‘Fear of Crime’ project will be established in partnership with Age Sector Platform and the NI Pensioners Parliament and that the NIPP commits to supporting this project to help make older people feel safer in their homes and communities. 2013 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C14 NIPP commends the Department of Justice for their commitment to involve older people in the design and implementation of the new ‘Fear of Crime’ project and commits to help support the actions that emerge throughout the lifetime of the project. 2013 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
PB16 NIPP welcomes the Minister of State for Pensions' invitation to representatives from the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament to join the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing and the Age Action Alliance. The Parliament will accept these invitations. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
HS12 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure that the assessment of individual domiciliary care need will include “home help” aspects essential for an adequate standard of living and that realistic timescales to fulfill those duties are included in this process. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS13 NIPP formally supports the NPC’s Dignity Code for older people and welcomes the Health Minister’s support for the code. NIPP calls for the principles and practices included in it to be exercised at all times during the implementation of changes to our Health and Social Care system. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS14 NIPP expresses serious concern regarding the recent announcements about the closing of statutory residential homes and in particular on the impact this had on current residents. NIPP is particularly concerned with the lack of engagement and communication with older people affected by the changes and calls for an urgent review to ensure this situation does not reoccur in future. 2013 Health & Social Care
M07 NIPP calls on the Office of the Commissioner for Older People to develop a communications strategy that makes older people aware of the office, educates them about its role and informs them on how it can assist and support them if and when required. 2012 Miscellaneous
C07 NIPP calls on the Chief Constable to provide more visible policing on the ground to help alleviate the fear of crime among older people. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C08 NIPP calls on the Police Service of Northern Ireland to improve its response time significantly in order to enhance the confidence among older people who are living in fear of crime. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C09 NIPP expresses grave concern at the low level of conviction rates for crimes against older people and calls on the Chief Constable to tackle this by prioritising it within his Policing Plan and allocating the necessary resources to ensure a higher conviction rate. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C10 NIPP calls on the judiciary in Northern Ireland to use the powers at their disposal to hand down stiffer sentences that will act as a serious deterrent, to those committing crimes against older people. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C11 NIPP calls on the Police Service of Northern Ireland, at all levels, to meet with older people and their organisations to develop strategies that would help reduce crime and the fear of crime among older people in their local areas. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C12 NIPP calls on the Police Service of Northern Ireland to keep older people, who have been the victims of crime, fully informed on what, if any, progress has been made in their efforts to append the offenders. 2012 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
HS06 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure outpatient clinics are designed and managed to afford maximum dignity and respect for patients with dementia and that patients are supported and encouraged to speak for themselves as much as possible. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS07 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to provide free dental care for all pensioners, given the negative health impact on older people who do not receive appropriate dental care for financial reasons. 2012 Health & Social Care