Parliament Motions

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PB13 NIPP rejects the Westminster Government’s intention to introduce a new flat rate pension in 2016, thus creating a two-tier pension system. NIPP calls for urgent action to ensure that all existing pensioners will be guaranteed this new amount by 2016, either through automatic payment of pension credit or some other means. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB14 NIPP calls on all political representatives in Northern Ireland (MEPs, MPs, MLAs and Councillors) to defend the right of all older people to their Smart Pass, Winter Fuel Allowance and free TV Licence and to oppose any plans to means test these benefits. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB15 NIPP calls on pensioners from throughout the UK to unite to oppose means testing of existing universal benefits for pensioners and to enter into dialogue with all the main political parties at Westminster to identify their policy positions in advance of the next General Election. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB16 NIPP welcomes the Minister of State for Pensions' invitation to representatives from the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament to join the UK Advisory Forum on Ageing and the Age Action Alliance. The Parliament will accept these invitations. 2013 Pensions & Benefits
PB17 NIPP calls on the UK Government to retain the Winter Fuel Payment and over 75’s TV Licence for older people across the UK as universal benefits irrespective of income. 2014 Pensions & Benefits
PB18 NIPP supports the ‘Hands Off’ campaign and calls for pensioners across the UK to unite behind it so that the views of older people are made clear to all the main political parties in advance of the General Election. 2014 Pensions & Benefits
PB19 NIPP supports the establishment of the Pensioners Parliament Westminster Group to ensure that political representatives at Westminster, both MPs and Peers, are kept up-to-date with the concerns of older people on issues that are influenced by the UK Government. 2014 Pensions & Benefits
PB20 NIPP calls for the triple lock on the State Pension to be safeguarded. 2016 Pensions & Benefits
T01 NIPP calls on the Minister for Regional Development to give older people a concrete guarantee that the Senior Smartpass, which enables them to participate more fully in society, is safe and will continue to be available to all pensioners. 2012 Transport
T02 NIPP calls on the Minister for Regional Development to improve transport in rural areas to enable older people and others to make the necessary trips to doctors, hospitals and other essential appointments. 2012 Transport
T03 NIPP request the Minister for Regional Development to remove the confusion caused by the different names currently used to describe the location for train and bus services behind the Europa Hotel, by giving the location one name that would be easily identified by everyone. 2012 Transport
T04 NIPP calls for the Smartpass to be protected for everyone over the age of 60 regardless of income. 2016 Transport
T05 NIPP calls for improved access to public transport and community transport in rural areas. 2016 Transport
T06 NIPP calls for better provision and promotion of public transport, community transport and hospital travel schemes to improve older people's ability to travel to hospital appointments. 2016 Transport
T07 NIPP calls for the provision of disability awareness training for all staff involved in providing transport services to older people. 2016 Transport
T08 NIPP calls on the Department for Infrastructure to ensure meaningful consultation on the Belfast Transport Hub is carried out with older people during every stage of construction to ensure the Hub’s accessibility meets the needs of older less mobile people. 2017 Transport