Parliament Motions

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HS13 NIPP formally supports the NPC’s Dignity Code for older people and welcomes the Health Minister’s support for the code. NIPP calls for the principles and practices included in it to be exercised at all times during the implementation of changes to our Health and Social Care system. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS14 NIPP expresses serious concern regarding the recent announcements about the closing of statutory residential homes and in particular on the impact this had on current residents. NIPP is particularly concerned with the lack of engagement and communication with older people affected by the changes and calls for an urgent review to ensure this situation does not reoccur in future. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS15 NIPP calls for a full Equality Impact Assessment to be carried out on the Transforming Your Care proposals as a matter of urgency to establish the full impact of them on older people. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS16 NIPP calls for statutory bodies to continue to play a meaningful role in the provision of domiciliary care to ensure that the quality of care is of a high standard and meets the individual needs of each recipient. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS17 NIPP calls for all frontline staff engaged in domiciliary care to be fully trained with the level of training subject to inspection by the appropriate professional body to ensure older people receive good quality care. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS18 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to recognise the massive contribution of unpaid carers by providing additional support services and also to establish regular audits of this support to identify how it can be continuously improved. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS19 NIPP expresses concern about the projected annual shortfall of £500m in funding by 2015 and the impact this may have on older people. NIPP calls on the Health Minister to assure older people that the necessary funding to support older people’s health and social care needs will be provided. 2013 Health & Social Care
HS20 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to reinstate admissions, both respite and permanent, to statutory residential care homes that can, with the appropriate investment, continue to provide quality care for older people. 2014 Health & Social Care
HS21 In light of the recent statement by the Health Minister that funding shortfalls could compromise patient safety, NIPP expresses concern regarding the impact of Transforming Your Care on older people’s health. 2014 Health & Social Care
HS22 NIPP expresses concern regarding the employment terms and conditions of carers, particularly those working in rural areas where no mileage is paid, and the impact this could have on providing enough quality domiciliary care support in future in these areas. 2014 Health & Social Care
HS23 NIPP seeks assurances that Integrated Care Teams will contain a full complement of appropriately trained staff across all disciplines and will have senior decision makers, including a dedicated consultant available 24/7. 2014 Health & Social Care
HS24 NIPP calls for assurances that any changes to health and social care policies or practices fully consider any negative impact on older people and that measures are taken to ensure older people receive high quality healthcare. 2016 Health & Social Care
HS25 NIPP calls for operation waiting times for older people to be substantially reduced. 2016 Health & Social Care
HS26 NIPP calls for steps to be taken to ensure domiciliary care packages are determined by clinical need and that realistic timetables are implemented. 2016 Health & Social Care
HS27 NIPP calls for the retention of free prescriptions for everyone over the age of 60 regardless of income. 2016 Health & Social Care
HS28 NIPP notes with concern the unacceptably high audiology waiting lists, poor aftercare and inaccessibility of hearing services in Northern Ireland and calls for NHS hearing services to be provided in the community in full consultation with the needs and views of older people. 2016 Health & Social Care
HS29 NIPP demands that the political parties in Northern Ireland put aside their red-lines and form an Executive to follow through on cross party commitment to implement changes to the health service as recommended by the Bengoa Report. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS30 NIPP requests that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland makes available to the Department of Health the funds necessary to implement the changes in the health service of Northern Ireland outlined in the Bengoa Report. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS31 NIPP requests urgent meetings with the Health Minister/Permanent Secretary and Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee to discuss the implementation of the Bengoa Report and its implications for the treatment of older people. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS32 NIPP requests the Health and Social Care Board and Health Trusts include the following in their Equality Action Plans 2017-2022 - “We will work in partnership with Older People’s Groups (e.g. Age Sector Platform and Age NI) to develop guidance for Health and Social Care Staff on meeting the needs of older people". 2017 Health & Social Care
HS33 NIPP calls on the Department of Health, Health and Social Care Board and Health Trusts to allocate the necessary financial and staffing resources to tackle the scandalous waiting times for surgery. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS34 NIPP calls on the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) to initiate discussions with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of the effects of hearing loss and the need for proper use and maintenance of hearing aids within residential and nursing home sector. 2017 Health & Social Care
M01 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly to bring forward legislation to end unfair discrimination where it adversely affects the opportunities, goods and services available to older people. 2011 Miscellaneous
M02 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to develop a comprehensive, well resourced and challenging Age Strategy with specific targets and timescales to improve the lives of older people. 2012 Miscellaneous
M03 NIPP welcomes the commitment in the PfG to outlaw age discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services and calls on the NI Executive to ensure this legislation is in place by as early as possible, but no later than the end of this Assembly term. 2012 Miscellaneous
M04 NIPP supports the aims of the European Year 2012 of Active Ageing and solidarity between generations and believes that society can benefit from supporting and encouraging connections between older and younger people. 2012 Miscellaneous
M05 NIPP calls on the Commissioner for Older People to create an effective system that would ensure ongoing contact with older people and their organisations. 2012 Miscellaneous
M06 NIPP calls on the Office of the First and deputy First Minister (OFMdFM) to provide the necessary resources to ensure the office of the Commissioner for Older People has the capacity to fulfil its responsibilities. 2012 Miscellaneous
M07 NIPP calls on the Office of the Commissioner for Older People to develop a communications strategy that makes older people aware of the office, educates them about its role and informs them on how it can assist and support them if and when required. 2012 Miscellaneous
M08 The NIPP expresses concern over the slow pace of progress in relation to the introduction of age discrimination legislation and calls on OFMdFM to ensure this issue is progressed urgently so that older people can avail of the extra legal protection that the legislation will bring by 2015 at the latest. 2013 Miscellaneous