Parliament Motions

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E08 NIPP calls on the Northern Ireland Executive to reduce Northern Ireland’s dependence on oil and exposure to high oil prices by subsidising the roll out of the domestic gas network in the ten district towns and other urban communities adjacent to the gas network, creating a framework for a regulated market in renewable heating sources in non-gas areas and regulating the heating oil industry. 2014 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E09 NIPP calls on the Department for Social Development to commission a programme of research into the cost effectiveness of publicly funded fuel poverty/energy efficiency schemes in place during the last ten years in order to establish which measures are most effective. 2014 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E10 NIPP calls on the Department for Social Development to introduce a requirement that all new build dwellings for pensioners must be built to a standard requiring little or no expenditure on heating. 2014 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E11 NIPP calls on the Department for Social Development to only allow housing benefit to be paid in the private rented sector in cases where a landlord has brought the property up to an acceptable standard of energy efficiency. 2014 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E12 NIPP calls on the NI Executive to use some of the additional £136 million allocated to the block grant to provide a payment to older people on low incomes to help them with the cost of heating their home. 2014 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E13 NIPP calls for a ‘Whole House Solution’ plan to tackle fuel poverty which would include new developments and target fuel poor households on a phased basis. 2016 Energy / Fuel Poverty
E14 NIPP expresses its extreme dissatisfaction at the failure of both the UK Government and the NI Executive to put in place arrangements to extend parity of treatment to vulnerable NI households by including NI in the Warm Home Discount scheme. NIPP directs that it is now timely to immediately develop a revised campaigning strategy to vigorously reinforce the demand that the existing scheme be extended to include NI. 2016 Energy / Fuel Poverty
EU01 NIPP calls on the UK Government to continue collaboration with EU member states; so that both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU are able to access the care they need through European Health Insurance (EHIC) provisions. 2017 Brexit
EU02 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly and Irish Government to protect the Senior Smartpass, which allows people aged 65+ free cross border journeys on public transport. 2017 Brexit
EU03 NIPP demands that following Brexit all current and future pensioners who have accumulated pensionable services in EU countries will continue to have their pensions paid in full. 2017 Brexit
EU04 NIPP calls on the UK Government, through negotiation with the EU, to ensure State Pension annual increases for older UK citizens residing in EU member states are maintained and the right to access and transfer pension funds across the EU and the UK are guaranteed. 2017 Brexit
EU05 NIPP calls on the UK Government on withdrawing from the EU to ensure the protection of the rights of older people should be a priority; and that the UK government will seek to strengthen these rights through any negotiated settlement as various pieces of existing and future EU legislation have the potential to greatly improve the lives of older people. 2017 Brexit
EU06 NIPP calls on the UK Government to ensure that EU-wide efforts to promote positive attitudes towards older people and age friendly environments that benefit people of all ages continue after Brexit. 2017 Brexit
F01 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce more individual price offers on products to help people living on their own. 2011 Food
F02 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce more smaller sized portions on essential items at a fair price. 2011 Food
F03 NIPP calls on food retailers to introduce a pensioner discount day or schemes to help their older shoppers cope with the rising cost of living and enable them to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. 2011 Food
F04 NIPP would like to formally thank the thousands of people who have signed the ’Silver Saver’ petition and also extend our appreciation for the support from District Councils, MPs, MLAs and Members of the European Parliament for the campaign for a pensioner discount day. 2013 Food
F05 NIPP calls on major supermarkets to enter into discussions with representatives of the Parliament on a range of issues relating to older shoppers including the call for a ‘Pensioner Discount Day’. 2013 Food
HS01 NIPP calls for increased funding for preventative healthcare programmes to help maintain the quality of life and independence for older people living at home. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS02 NIPP calls for better support for older carers and in particular more respite care and the payment of carer’s allowance to pensioners. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS03 NIPP calls for better transport support for older people travelling to doctor and hospital appointments, particularly for those living in rural areas, and calls for the Senior Smartpass to be usable on all community transport services. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS04 NIPP calls for an increase in home help services for those older people who are in need of extra support. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS05 NIPP calls for action to reduce waiting times for older people waiting on operations. 2011 Health & Social Care
HS06 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure outpatient clinics are designed and managed to afford maximum dignity and respect for patients with dementia and that patients are supported and encouraged to speak for themselves as much as possible. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS07 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to provide free dental care for all pensioners, given the negative health impact on older people who do not receive appropriate dental care for financial reasons. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS08 NIPP welcomes the main thrust of the Compton Report that accepts the home should be the hub of care for older people, with more services provided at home and in the community. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS09 NIPP supports in principle the proposals in the Compton Report for reforming and modernizing our Health and Social Care system. The NIPP agrees that with the statement that “we get the best from the resources available to us; to ensure that services are, where possible, brought closer to the patients home, and to ensure that patients are treated in the right place, at the right time, and by the right people”. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS10 The NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure that any changes proposed to health and social care takes into account any negative impact on older people and takes measures to mitigate this impact to ensure that older people receive high quality healthcare. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS11 The NIPP is concerned with the proposed cuts to the budget of pharmacies across Northern Ireland and calls on the Health Minister to consider the potential impact of these cuts on older people and take measures to ensure that there is no reduction in the quality of service. 2012 Health & Social Care
HS12 NIPP calls on the Health Minister to ensure that the assessment of individual domiciliary care need will include “home help” aspects essential for an adequate standard of living and that realistic timescales to fulfill those duties are included in this process. 2013 Health & Social Care