Parliament Motions

Refsort ascending Motion Year Topic
T08 NIPP calls on the Department for Infrastructure to ensure meaningful consultation on the Belfast Transport Hub is carried out with older people during every stage of construction to ensure the Hub’s accessibility meets the needs of older less mobile people. 2017 Transport
HS34 NIPP calls on the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) to initiate discussions with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of the effects of hearing loss and the need for proper use and maintenance of hearing aids within residential and nursing home sector. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS33 NIPP calls on the Department of Health, Health and Social Care Board and Health Trusts to allocate the necessary financial and staffing resources to tackle the scandalous waiting times for surgery. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS32 NIPP requests the Health and Social Care Board and Health Trusts include the following in their Equality Action Plans 2017-2022 - “We will work in partnership with Older People’s Groups (e.g. Age Sector Platform and Age NI) to develop guidance for Health and Social Care Staff on meeting the needs of older people". 2017 Health & Social Care
HS31 NIPP requests urgent meetings with the Health Minister/Permanent Secretary and Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee to discuss the implementation of the Bengoa Report and its implications for the treatment of older people. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS30 NIPP requests that the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland makes available to the Department of Health the funds necessary to implement the changes in the health service of Northern Ireland outlined in the Bengoa Report. 2017 Health & Social Care
HS29 NIPP demands that the political parties in Northern Ireland put aside their red-lines and form an Executive to follow through on cross party commitment to implement changes to the health service as recommended by the Bengoa Report. 2017 Health & Social Care
EU06 NIPP calls on the UK Government to ensure that EU-wide efforts to promote positive attitudes towards older people and age friendly environments that benefit people of all ages continue after Brexit. 2017 Brexit
EU05 NIPP calls on the UK Government on withdrawing from the EU to ensure the protection of the rights of older people should be a priority; and that the UK government will seek to strengthen these rights through any negotiated settlement as various pieces of existing and future EU legislation have the potential to greatly improve the lives of older people. 2017 Brexit
EU04 NIPP calls on the UK Government, through negotiation with the EU, to ensure State Pension annual increases for older UK citizens residing in EU member states are maintained and the right to access and transfer pension funds across the EU and the UK are guaranteed. 2017 Brexit
EU03 NIPP demands that following Brexit all current and future pensioners who have accumulated pensionable services in EU countries will continue to have their pensions paid in full. 2017 Brexit
EU02 NIPP calls on the NI Assembly and Irish Government to protect the Senior Smartpass, which allows people aged 65+ free cross border journeys on public transport. 2017 Brexit
EU01 NIPP calls on the UK Government to continue collaboration with EU member states; so that both EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU are able to access the care they need through European Health Insurance (EHIC) provisions. 2017 Brexit
C23 NIPP calls on the UK Government & NI Assembly to introduce appropriate legislation that could deal with elder abuse perpetrators in a more firm and fitting manner, thus helping to protect older people from all forms of elder abuse. 2017 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C22 NIPP calls on Scamwise NI, in partnership with Age Sector Platform, to ensure older people recognise the importance of reporting scams. 2017 Community Safety / Fear of Crime
C21 NIPP calls on the Scamwise NI initiative to lead on the development of a ‘scam tracking map’ which would allow relevant agencies and the general public to report and track scams in Northern Ireland - helping older people to better protect themselves. 2017 Community Safety / Fear of Crime