20th edition of aspire magazine

The 20th edition of aspire - Age Sector Platform's magazine - is now available to view online.

This year the format of the Pensioners Parliament changed and inside this edition you can read all about the first two ‘themed parliaments’ – on fuel poverty and health & social care.  This edition also features the launch of a significant piece of research into older people’s views of the health service here; and the launch of a new guide to help older people feel safe.

Pensioners Parliament delivers ‘damning’ verdict on health service

Robert Hasson

A new report, launched today by the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament, has revealed serious concerns among the older population in relation to health and social care provision here.  The report, which represents the views of 700 older people from across Northern Ireland, has exposed fears in relation to hospital safety, concerns about home care packages and GP appointments, and anxiety about proposals to introduce prescription charges.

Party pledges for older people

With less than a week to go until the general election, Age Sector Platform has welcomed the creation of a document detailing what each of the Northern Ireland political paries have pledged to deliver for older people.  The document, created by our friends at Stratagem, outlines what each of the main parties wishes to achieve for older people if elected to represent the people of Northern Ireland in UK Parliament.

Fuel poverty causing thousands of winter deaths among older people

Inexcusable fuel poverty levels have caused over two thousand extra deaths among older people in Northern Ireland over the last four winters, according to Age Sector Platform.

The charity responsible for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament says ‘keeping warm in winter’ has been the biggest concern for pensioners since the parliament began in 2011.  The charity is calling for more to be done to tackle the problem and is hosting the very first ‘Pensioners Parliament on Fuel Poverty’ in Belfast today.

Guide launched to help older people feel safe

An innovative guide aimed at addressing fear of crime among older people in Northern Ireland will be launched today by Age Sector Platform.  The ‘Feel Safe’ guide will provide older people with tailored information including crime prevention advice and details of organisations that can help them feel safe.

Platform welcomes Executive breakthrough to outlaw age discrimination

Age Sector Platform has welcomed news that the Northern Ireland Executive has pledged to bring forward a vital piece of age discrimination legislation during this Assembly mandate, despite recent fears that the legislation would fall at the eleventh hour.

The charity says the breakthrough has been a direct result of the passionate campaigning of older people, whose strong voices have ensured the bill will go ahead and could make a huge difference in areas like health care and financial services.

Platform launches its new website

Age Sector Platform website

Age Sector Platform has today launched its brand new website, which will help to raise awareness of issues and campaigns relating to older people in Northern Ireland. 

The new website will provide information on Age Sector Platform campaigns in an easy and accessible style, offer older people the opportunity to become involved and promote the work of the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament.

Platform responds to Meals on Wheels changes

Robert Hasson

Age Sector Platform has responded to the planned changes to the Meals on Wheels service in the South Eastern Health Trust.

Robert Hasson from Age Sector Platform commented: "The Transforming Your Care agenda promotes the idea that care should be provided in the home; something which is supported by older people. However, in order to allow older people to remain at home, a certain degree of support is necessary, with the Meals on Wheels service playing an important role in ensuring older people have a balanced and healthy diet."

Check out issue 19 of aspire magazine!

Aspire issue 19

Issue 19 of aspire - Age Sector Platform's magazine - is now available to view online.

Inside this edition, you can read about Age Sector Platform’s campaigning work over the last few months on Northern Ireland’s exclusion from the Warm Home Discount. This edition also features a report from the Westminster Lobby and a summary of the Pensioners Parliament ‘Question Time’ event held in December 2014.

Pensioners descend on Stormont to discuss fuel poverty 'crisis'

Michael Monaghan

Age Sector Platform says more needs to be done to tackle fuel poverty for the most vulnerable, after figures released during the last week show over five hundred older people died last winter of cold related illnesses in Northern Ireland.

The call comes as the results of the 2014 NI Pensioners Parliament are unveiled – results that show that Keeping Warm in Winter remains the top issue of concern for pensioners across Northern Ireland.