northern ireland pensioner's parliament 2018

Nestled within Positive Ageing Month, the Northern Ireland Pensioners’ Parliament is set to take place over two days - Thursday and Friday, 25 & 26 October 2018. Almost 200 older people will be attending, drawn from over 450 applications, where they will have an opportunity to engage with a range of policy experts and politicians.  

In the run up to this year’s Parliament, Age Sector Platform held 11 local Pensioners’ Parliaments across Northern Ireland between March and June–one in each council area. Each event was attended by 50-100 older people. In the morning sessions, local issues took centre stage, with each parliament focussing on issues of priority and concern within their respective council area.

In the afternoons the issues discussed were more wide ranging, from GP waiting times to energy prices and transport. As in previous Pensioners’ Parliaments, matters relating to health and social care featured heavily this year, with 10 out of the 11 local parliaments, raising a health, social or community related care concern for discussion.

The Northern Ireland Pensioner’s Parliament enables older people to advocate on their own behalf so they can change their lives for the better. In the absence of a functioning Northern Ireland Assembly, it is a vital mechanism for enabling debate and engagement between older people and policy makers in Northern Ireland.

If you have not been allocated a place at the 2 day parliament, you can still participate in the debates by tweeting us @aspni and using the hashtag #NIPP2018. You can also tune into our Facebook page, where we will be streaming the #NIPP2018 live.