Ivan’s running for parliament!

Ivan Baxter - running for parliament!

We have some exciting news to share...Ivan Baxter, Chairperson of Age Sector Platform, is running for parliament!  Running for the Pensioners Parliament that is!  In July 2018, Ivan will take part in a 10 mile race as part of the Portaferry Gala Festival to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament.

The Portaferry Gala Festival will take place this year between 14 and 21 July and the festival’s 10 mile race usually attracts around 300 participants.

How you can support Ivan’s fundraising efforts:

  • Request or download a sponsorship form and invite donations from your family, friends and/or group members
  • Share news of Ivan’s fundraiser via Facebook, Twitter or any websites/newsletters you manage
  • If you host meetings of an older people’s group, add Ivan’s fundraiser to the agenda for your next meeting
  • Donate via www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/agesector/ivan
  • Don't want to donate online? Send a cheque and make it payable to ‘Age Sector Platform’

Ivan commented:  “This race will be a serious challenge for me at 78 years old.  I have always been a jogger but was never involved in organised runs until about seven years ago when I joined the NI Civil Service Athletic Club. Since then I have entered quite a few 10k runs, as well as joining in the Saturday morning Parkrun, usually at Victoria Park, as often as I can.”

“I was very pleased to have been selected for the Northern Ireland Masters team last year and took part in the International Cross Country event held outside Derry/Londonderry on 18 November 2017, when our team won a Bronze Medal.”

“My normal run is 10k, which is about 6 miles; so this run at the Portaferry Gala Festival will be a big challenge for me.  Between now and July I hope to gradually increase the distances of my training runs, and will continue to compete in various organised 10k runs from time to time.  I’m sure any money raised between now and July will be sure to keep me motivated!”

“I am fundraising for Age Sector Platform as it is an organisation which I have admired and supported for the last ten years, and which is now in need of additional funds to keep it, and the Pensioners Parliament, viable.  I feel that this type of sponsorship event gives all our supporters the chance to contribute to the upkeep of the organisation, and I hope that you will be generous in your giving!”