The Future of the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament

Last week we made the public announcement that Age Sector Platform will be wound up with effect from 31st December. At the time we advised that every effort was being made to keep our principal project, the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament in existence.

For the past few months we have been exploring with Age NI the possibility of the Pensioners Parliament being taken forward by them in 2020. These talks continue and whilst nothing has been agreed, I can advise that there an enthusiasm and appetite both on the part of Age Sector Platform and within Age NI for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament to continue to provide an important opportunity for older people to have their voices heard.

Once again we must emphasise that at this point nothing has been formalised or agreed and we are continuing to talk about how we can take this work forward. Further information will be made public as and when it becomes available.   

- Ends -