flu jab delays for over 65's

The Public Health Agency (PHA) has announced that there may be ‘logistical’ issues for over 65’s receiving the flu jab this Autumn.

GP’s have been notified that they are to ‘stagger’ the vaccine for the first time in Northern Ireland. Over 65’s usually receive the jab in September, but this year, they will receive it in 3 staggered phases across September, October and November.

Those over 75 will be given priority and will receive their flu jab as normal in September. Those between 65-74 may have their flu jab appointment delayed until November.

The PHA has insisted that there is no shortage of vaccine and the delay is due to a new vaccine called ‘Fluad’ being introduced.

The PHA commented that: “Everyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine will be able to get it by the end of November, which is still before we anticipate an increase in flu circulation”.