Pensioners Parliament Manifesto

This is the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament's manifesto for the 2017 NI Assembly Election.

The manifesto was developed based on the views and experiences of older people, made known through surveys and events organised by the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament.  It was formally endorsed by the Parliament in September 2015. Due to the snap election in March 2017, the Manifesto has been updated in line with the asks of the Pensioners Parliament in October 2016.

Manifesto calls

  • PfG should incude a 15th outcome that would respect, value and protect older people
  • Protect the Smartpass and free prescriptions for everyone aged 60+
  • Substantially reduce operation waiting times, and ensure care packages are based on need
  • Ensure the Warm Home Discount Scheme is extended to Northern Ireland
  • Drastically improve the energy efficiency of new and existing homes
  • Improve conviction rates and enable more severe sentencing for crimes against older people
  • Ensure legislation effectively tackles age discrimination in goods, facilities and services
  • Improve provision of public and community transport and hospital travel schemes for older people

If you would like a batch of manifestos to distribute, please call into the Age Sector Platform office.

Download the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament Manifesto