Keeping Warm in Winter

Since the establishment of the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament in 2011, keeping warm in winter / energy prices has continuously come out as a top concern for pensioners here.

The ‘Pensioners Parliament Heating Costs Survey’ revealed that on average pensioner households spend £1,602 per year on heating costs, and that one in two pensioner households in Northern Ireland cut down on other essentials, such as food, in order to cover the cost of heating.

Download a copy below:

Pensioners Parliament Heating Costs Survey

The Platform has called on the Northern Ireland Executive to do more to address static incomes and rising energy costs being suffered by pensioners across the province, with a number of recommendations, including:

  • To develop and implement an action plan to eradicate fuel poverty.
  • To automatically pay pension credit in Northern Ireland for a period of six months, as a means of increasing pensioner incomes, and improving uptake following the temporary period.
  • To reduce Northern Ireland’s dependence on oil and exposure to high oil prices

Warm Home Discount Campaign

Age Sector Platform has strongly led the campaign for Northern Ireland to be included in the Warm Home Discount, which currently provides the poorest pensioners in England, Scotland and Wales with an annual discount of £140 off their electricity bill every year.

The Platform is calling on the Westminster Government to extend the existing scheme in Great Britain to include Northern Ireland.

Age Sector Platform Briefing on Warm Home Discount