Health & Social Care

Over the last number of years the health and social care service has been changing, and concerns about health and social care provision have increased among older people.
In 2012, Age Sector Platform supported the principles of ‘Transforming Your Care’, but since then it has become increasingly clear that older people’s confidence in the TYC process has deteriorated.
The Platform has called on the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to carry out an Equality Impact Assessment on TYC policies to identify the potential impact on vulnerable older people as a result of these major changes to the health and social care system.
To read all motions passed by the NI Pensioners Parliament in relation to health & social care, please click here.

A report, launched by the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament in May 2015 revealed serious concerns among the older population in relation to health and social care provision here. 

The report, which represented the views of 700 older people from across Northern Ireland, exposed fears in relation to hospital safety, concerns about home care packages and GP appointments, and anxiety about proposals to introduce prescription charges.

Download the Pensioners Parliament Health & Social Care Report