Forgotten 14s

At the 2013 Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament, an issue came to light which questioned the fairness of pension provision for some people in Northern Ireland who worked from age fourteen.

You may be a ‘Forgotten 14’ if:

  • You worked and paid national insurance contributions before age 16; and
  • You do not have entitlement to a full pension and cannot avail of pension credit.

The Law Centre NI has assisted the campaign by providing legal opinion on current legislation.  It suggests a solution which requires no need to amend existing legislation, but does require a change in interpretation.

Adopting a new interpretation within the ‘Widow’s Benefit, Retirement Pensions and Other Benefits (Transitional) Regulations (NI) 1979’ would ensure that contributions before the age of 16 could be used towards pension entitlement.

If you believe you are a ‘Forgotten 14’, please contact Age Sector Platform by phoning 028 9031 2089 or emailing info@agesectorplatform.org.